Full Day Workshops

Full Day – Lower Key Stage 2 


Rocks, fossils and minerals will show you how old the earth really is with a role play game about geological time. We will discover how animals adapt to their environments and how they became fossils for us to discover. 

Pupils will discover the differences between rocks, minerals and fossils and the similarities between Dinosaurs and their modern day living relatives. 

Full Day – Upper Key Stage 2


A professional palaeontologist will show your class unique and special fossils from around the world that demonstrate evolution. We will take you back through time to discover two different prehistoric environments and how animals adapted to them over time. 

Palaeontology heroes will be brought back to life and tell us all about the famous fossil hunters who discovered the first fossils to be named! 

Full day session — From £285

Schoolasaurus is available in South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, Bristol, BANES, Somerset, Monmouthshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire & Herefordshire areas. 

Prices include packing of fossils, travel, teachers survival pack, time (preparation, planning, presentation and travel time) and consumable materials used in workshops.

*To receive maximum benefit of the experience it is recommended that no more than 35 pupils attend per session. 

For information about nearby counties please feel free to contact us to discuss details.

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